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Located in the Harbour City of Saint John, NB

BetterView Software and Service provides Computer Support (IT/MSP) services to small businesses in Saint John, Rothesay, Quispamsis, and surrounding area. We customize our support to fit your needs. We support whatever you are using for Network, Wi-Fi, Routers and Anti-Virus software. However, we do recommend keeping your equipment and operating systems up to date as there are more vulnerabilities in older computer equipment and Software. We look forward to working with you!


Navigating the technical maze

One of the things we can do for you is to help you stay on top of the latest software features in Microsoft Office 365. Think about how a person from the 1950s would feel in a modern car. They would have the basic skills of driving, but they would not know about all the wonderful features that are available unless someone trained them. With BetterView Software, you get the support and training you need to avoid wasting time and getting frustrated. We help you love your computer again.

What can we do for you?

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Some people wonder why they should pay a monthly fee to a computer support company or MSP. Well, let me ask you this... Do you do regular schedule oil changes and maintenance for your car? Or do you wait until it breaks down and fix it at that time for a higher cost. It's the same idea. A computer support company or MSP keeps your computers, network and software running smoothly by checking them and fixing any issues, so you don't end up with a computer that suddenly breaks down and needs to be repaired, leaving you without it for days or weeks.

By keeping your computer in regular maintenance, you saved down time and headaches, so the monthly support contract becomes well worth it. Also, with a monthly support contract, your cost stays constant. This is the Remote Monitoring (RMM) part of an MSP

Of course, keeping up with your Software updates and antivirus. Are also very important. As well as having a good backup plan. The backup, saves you more than just when your computer is lost, stolen, damaged, or crashes on you while you are editing that important file. Backups are also important when you lose part of a file, and you need to recover that lost information. Then you can go back to last week or last month. And retrieve the file at that time. Then you can merge the two so that you have your new information plus the information that was accidentally lost.

More information here.

In the past, backups were done on many computer tapes, and copies were taken home regularly and switched. This was tedious and unreliable. Today with the internet's speed, backing up your critical data to the cloud is fast and possible. Yes, you can use a USB Hard Drive, or Network attached storage, but if you get hit with Ransomware your backups are also gone.

Cloud backup is a service that automatically stores your data on a remote server, so you can access it from any device and location. Cloud backup has many benefits for small businesses, such as:

- It protects your data from local disasters, such as fire, flood, theft, or hardware failure, that could wipe out your hard drive or physical backup media. It is also safe from Ransomware attacks.

- It saves you time and money, as you don't have to buy, maintain, or replace backup devices, such as external hard drives or USB flash drives. You also don't have to manually back up your data, as cloud backup runs in the background and updates your files whenever they change.

- It allows you to restore your data quickly and easily, as you can download your files from the cloud or use a recovery software to get them back. You can also choose to restore specific versions of your files in case you need to undo some changes or recover deleted data.

See our page on Cloud backup for more information.

BetterView Software and Services is a different kind of support company. We are designed to serve the smaller business with one to 10 computers and employees. The larger MSP companies want to have a client that has 20 or 50 or over 100 computers. Then it’s worth it for them. The smaller business is generally not worth their time. The computer stores only support you once your computer fails and you bring it in to be fixed. So, there's nothing to help you with your business before that happens.

That is where BetterView comes in. We have a low-cost backup solution to save your important data and keep it safe in the cloud. We also remotely monitor your computers and perform preventative maintenance so that we can prevent most problems before they happen. Just like performing regular maintenance on your car before the engine quits on you.

Whether you are a company of ten or a company of one, we have a plan that will help you get the most out of your computers. This also includes your networking, Wi-Fi and printer issues, as well as helping you find the best software and to use it the most efficiently.

We have a complete remote monitoring (RMM) package as well as a proper ticketing system that you can plug into. As we build out our web site you will find a full knowledge base for common issues and how to fix them. Self help videos will be there when you need them. W don’t use canned messages and emails. Everything you see is built from over 40 years of experience.

All this applies to your Home Office as well.

BetterView Software and Services

One of the reasons we chose to display our basic rates on the web site is to help you make a well informed, pressure-free decision before you switch. We can often do support work remotely, but if you need us on site, we can get there faster than an out-of-town Computer Support company. (or closer to you if you are in the nearby area).

Our main goal is to help small businesses succeed, so we will try to use the software, hardware, and networking that you already have as much as we can. Our on-boarding process is very smooth. You can see our proven track record in the Testimonials section, where we have decades of consistent history!

We are still updating our website with more services, so if you need something that is not listed, please email us.

    What makes BetterView Software and Services different?
  • Our prices are not hidden.
  • We pass our Lower costs on to you.
  • Submit a ticket from the website!
  • Experience includes years working with Office 365 and accounting software!
  • Yes, we built our own website!
  • If you already have a quality anti-virus solution in place, we will not force you to change!

Take your time and look around… Book time when you are ready to switch!

You can relax with BetterView

Having an on-site IT support person can be beneficial, but it also has some limitations. For example, your IT person may not have the expertise or the resources to handle complex or urgent issues, such as cyberattacks, data recovery, or network outages. They may also be overwhelmed by the daily tasks of maintaining and updating your systems, leaving little time for strategic planning or innovation. And if your IT person is sick, on vacation, or quits, you may be left without any IT support at all.

I’ve personally been there many a time and can relate to the frustration a local IT Support person has. That's why using a managed service provider (MSP) like us can complement and enhance your existing IT support.

    We can offer you:
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and management of your systems, ensuring optimal performance and security.
  • Access to certified and experienced IT professionals, who can provide specialized and timely assistance for any IT issue.
  • A proactive and preventive approach to IT, identifying and resolving potential problems before they affect your business operations.
  • A scalable and flexible service that adapts to your changing needs and budget, allowing you to pay only for what you need.
  • A strategic partner that can help you leverage the latest technology and best practices to improve your productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness.

By using an MSP, you can free up your on-site IT support person to focus on more important and valuable tasks, such as supporting your staff, developing new solutions, or implementing new projects. You can also reduce the risks and costs associated with IT downtime, errors, or breaches. And you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your IT systems are in good hands.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you be more efficient with Microsoft Office and other software that you rely on. We save you time, money, and frustration!

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