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Remember the two employees using up company time trying to solve a computer problem? We mentioned this on the “Benefits of an MSP” page. According to a study by IDC, remote support can save up to 40% in IT costs, 25% in travel costs, and 30% in productivity losses. It is a smart and cost-effective solution for your IT needs. Our Remote Support service is included with all RMM plans.

- It saves time and money: Remote support eliminates the need for onsite visits, which can be costly and time-consuming. With remote support, you can get help from anywhere, anytime, without waiting for a technician to arrive. This also reduces the downtime and disruption caused by technical issues.

- It improves productivity and efficiency: Remote support allows you to work on your computer while the technician is fixing the problem, instead of having to stop what you are doing and hand over your device. Remote support also enables faster resolution of issues, as the technician can access your system directly and use advanced tools and diagnostics.

- It enhances security and compliance: Remote support ensures that your devices, networks, and systems are always updated, secure, and compliant with the best practices and standards. With remote support, you can avoid the risk of data loss, theft, or damage that might occur during transportation or storage of your device. Remote support also allows you to monitor and control the access and activity of the technician on your system.

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