Computer Network Services


Need Wi-Fi improvements?

Another way to improve your business efficiency and customer satisfaction is to use Wi-Fi instead of network cable for your internet connection. Wi-Fi allows you to access the internet from any device and any location within your premises, without having to deal with messy wires and plugs. This gives you more flexibility and mobility, as well as saving you time and money on installation and maintenance. Wi-Fi also enables you to offer free or paid wireless internet service to your customers, which can increase their loyalty and satisfaction. With Wi-Fi, you can stay connected and productive wherever you are.

BetterView can help with the following:

  • Analyze your Wi-Fi signal coverage and find the best location for your Router.
  • Extend your Wi-Fi to cover a greater area.
  • Help you purchase, upgrade or add to your Wi-Fi router.
  • Keep your Wi-Fi Safe and Secure!

Network Cable

While Wi-Fi is convenient and wireless, it may not always provide the best performance and reliability for your devices. A network cable, on the other hand, can offer several advantages over Wi-Fi, such as:

- Faster and more consistent speed: A network cable can deliver higher bandwidth and lower latency than Wi-Fi, especially if you have a lot of devices or a large area to cover. A network cable can also avoid interference from other wireless signals or physical obstacles that may degrade your Wi-Fi signal.

- Better security: A network cable is harder to hack or intercept than Wi-Fi, as it requires physical access to the cable. Wi-Fi networks, even if encrypted, can be vulnerable to cyberattacks or eavesdropping from hackers or malicious users.

- Lower cost and maintenance: A network cable may be cheaper and easier to install and maintain than a Wi-Fi router, especially if you already have existing wiring in your home or office. A network cable does not require any software updates or configuration, and it consumes less power than a Wi-Fi router.

BetterView can help you get the best from your Network Cable by:

  • Tracing cables to find out their locations. (Start and End)
  • Testing cables and connections.
  • Connecting your router to the correct wall cable.