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BetterView Software and Services provides computer IT Support and solutions for small businesses in Saint John at an affordable price. You benefit from our years of experience in IT and business software. We can save you time and money with our services. All prices are transparent, so you can see the exact cost.

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BetterView honors and respects the traditional owners of the land we work on, which is the ancestral territory of the Wolastoqiyik, Wəlastəkewiyik / Maliseet who signed Peace and Friendship Treaties with the Mi’Kmaq / Mi’kmaw and Passamaquoddy / Peskotomuhkati Tribes / Nations and the British Crown in the 1700s.

See: History of Indigenous Tribes and Nations in New Brunswick.
Richard Thorgeirson

Richard Thorgeirson

Richard Thorgeirson is a versatile IT professional with over 30 years of experience in various domains such as accounting, ERP, manufacturing, and office administration. He has skills in network and database administration, programming, web development, cloud computing, data mining, training, and graphics. He has worked with small and medium-sized businesses as well as large contractors.

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Testimonial pre-history & Reference Letters

Since BetterView Software and Services is new, we are showing testimonials about the Owner, Richard Thorgeirson, as well as current Testimonials.

Richard Thorgierson worked for our company for 9 years from September 2012 to July 2021 as an IT specialist. In that time, he created a number of custom programs to help streamline company procedures and improve performance to the great benefit of the company. He supported the staff with all of their needs, his many years of experience in IT was very evident.

He saw us through a migration in accounting software and server hardware over the years. He was an integral part of the team, and we were sad to see him go. His attention to detail and ability to create what the company needed in custom software was excellent.

Since that time Betterview Software has supported the company with ongoing support as needed. This continued support has been very beneficial in the business ongoing operations.

A note of Appreciation

I want to take the opportunity to commend Richard on some of the improvements he has made to the ERP system. A case in point is how reorders are handled. It was previously an annoying and time-consuming procedure to transfer files from the old docket to the new one, change file names, etc. Richard has automated it to the point that it now only takes seconds and everything is done. He has done countless other small improvements to make our workflow more efficient. I am sure I am speaking for all of us in the cookbook department when I say, "Kudos to Richard!"

We all take each other for granted way too often; I just want to recognize the effort he makes for us up here in cookbook world.

Richard is a very knowledgeable, hard-working, and efficient network administrator for the Gateway Group. He is very approachable and patient, always there to help with any computer problems we have, and explaining in layman’s terminology for staff who are not computer savvy. Over the years, he’s met with multiple users to build the company’s software to work with multiple departmental units. He’s condensed our cookbook publishing unit’s software programs down from 4 to 1 program. He’s solution oriented and is always honing his skills and passing the benefits on to the staff. I’m extremely grateful to work with him!

I have known Richard Thorgeirson for just over ten years. He started attended Believers Church (then known as Wide World Of Faith Church) just a couple of months prior to my arrival. Richard and I became friends immediately whereas both of our hearts were for the church and the advancement of the Kingdom of God in Winnipeg. Richard served in various capacities at WWFC/Believers in his ten years. For many years he was our media director and sat on our board of trustees. He was also involved in men’s ministry and served for a time as our secretary treasurer.

In my 25 years of full-time pastoral ministry, I have met very few people who are as faithful and loyal as Richard Thorgeirson. He has stood by my side as we navigated many challenges in raising an inner-city revival church. I always trusted his counsel and held his opinions in high regard. As a pastor I felt safe with him because I knew he had no ulterior motives, he simply wanted what was best for the church and the work of God. Our church has lost a great asset with his departure.

Richard Thorgeirson has provided Excite Homes with dedicated and talented service over the last 2 and one half years. He is a competent IT manager with a good grasp of both hardware and software requirements, providing insightful solutions. However, Excite Homes is choosing to downsize, and unfortunately will no longer require Richard’s services.

I enthusiastically recommend Richard to anyone that requires a multi talented person that can keep their computer systems running, develop or maintain sophisticated web sites, servers and computer troubleshooting – Richard is your man. He has a good work ethic and is very reliable. We are sorry to see him go.

I have had the pleasure of working with Richard Thorgeirson on the upgrade of our software. He has had some incredible idea’s, not only for our software, but for the website also! Not only is the software user friendly, but very sophisticated as well!

I am writing this letter to express our great satisfaction with the quality of work completed! I appreciate all the time and effort it has taken Richard, to finish this project. Before I found Richard, we hired a programmer that worked for NASA. He worked for our company part time for six months. Even though he tried, he could not figure out how to get all the upgrade’s completed!

Richard has exceeded all our expectations with his programming skills! The customer support that he provides is phenomenal! He is always very eager and willing to help in any situation. I can honestly say that we get praise reports on our software constantly! I’m thankful to Richard for making that happen!

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