Remote Computer Management for your business (RMM)

What is RMM?

- Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a service that allows IT professionals to remotely monitor, manage, and maintain the devices, networks, and systems of their clients. RMM software can automate routine tasks, such as patching, updating, scanning, and reporting, as well as alert the IT staff of any issues or anomalies that require their attention.

- Improved efficiency and productivity: RMM can reduce the downtime and disruptions caused by IT problems, as well as free up the time and resources of the IT staff to focus on more strategic and value-added tasks.

- Reduced costs and risks: RMM can lower the operational and maintenance costs of IT infrastructure, as well as prevent potential security breaches, data loss, or compliance violations that could result in fines or reputational damage.

- Enhanced performance and reliability: RMM can optimize the performance and availability of the devices, networks, and systems, as well as ensure that they are always updated, secure, and compliant with the best practices and standards.

- Remote Support included: Our RMM package also includes a remote client for your workstation or server. So, when you contact us for help, there is zero travel time. We can connect in just a few minutes and see exactly what you are dealing with. This also makes it easy for you to see what we are doing during the support call.

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