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BetterView - PowerNotes is a full featured word processor without the high price. Created documents or Posters can be exported to PDF or PNG format. Headers, footers, and table of Contents can be part of your document. Full photo - insert support as well.

PowerNotes is designed to make life easier for students of all ages from School to College and University. Small Business can use PowerNotes for creating both letters and posters. With the Language Translation feature being bilingual is easer that ever!

You can install a fully functional 7 day trial from the link below.

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Power Notes Overview

File Formats

PowerNotes supports the following File Formats. You can also save any document as a PDF or PNG Graphic file!

  • TXT - Plain Text
  • RTF - Rich Text Format
  • DOC - Microsoft Word 97 - 2003
  • DOCX - Microsoft Word 2007+
  • XML - MS Office Word 2003 XML Format
  • ODT - Open Office Document
  • HTM, HTML - Web pages
  • EPUB - eBook Electronic Publication
  • Any generic plain text file

Spelling Dictionaries

The following 8 Dictionaries are included in PowerNotes

  1. English - Canadian
  2. English - USA
  3. English - UK
  4. English - Australia
  5. Spanish - Spain
  6. Spanish - Mexico
  7. German
  8. French

Power Notes - Spelling Options

Language Translation

Translate any text into over 60 other languages! It's as simple as selecting your paragraph of text, clicking on Translate and Pasting the new text back into your document.

Power Notes - Translation Options

Watch a short video on YouTube!

Power Features

Some useful features of PowerNotes include:

  • Custom Styles
  • Table of Contents
  • Insert other documents into current document
  • Inser background photos & Graphics
  • Inline Pictures with Text Wrapping
  • Numbered Lists & Tables
  • Floating images and shapes
  • Text boxes
  • Document Comments
  • Export as PDF to share or send by Email
  • Export as a graphic file for presentations
  • Create Letters, Documents, Reports and Posters!

Great for...

  • A single page letter
  • Half-fold brochures
  • Tri-fold brochures
  • Multi-page school report
  • Poster of any size
  • Letters or Advertising in multiple languages
  • Translate in over 60 languages!

More to Come!

We are working on adding the following features to PowerNotes. If you have any requests or Join our Facebook BETA Group!

  • Using the "Share" charm to share your document
  • Mail Merge feature
  • Save / load custom styles
  • Paper and Project templates
  • Insert and Export Bible Scripture

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