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After many years of providing quality software, ChurchView is winding down.  In its place, we offer you BetterView Software.

After 3 years of work & testing, our BetterView products are ready for market. The lead programmer for BetterView is the one who worked on ChurchView 5 while under contract with ChurchView. You will be able to import your songs and announcements from ChurchView into BetterView with ease.

Currently our two companies are in a transition stage, but all software will be available soon.

Because of the special relationship between our two companies, we are pleased to offer ChurchView customers special discounts when changing over to BetterView Software. See the table at the bottom of this page for details.

Follow this link to learn more about BetterView Image, and discover how it can help churches of all sizes.

We can also offer remote support to help you convert your files and data over.

Here is a comparison chart between BetterView and ChurchView

Feature BetterView CV5-Le CV5-Dual CV5-Dual+ CV5-Quad
Songs 1,200+        
Bibles 160+ 2 7 7 7
Play Audio Files Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Play Video Files Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DVD Support Coming Soon        
PowerPoint Coming Soon Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anncouncements Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Monitors / Projectors 5+ 1 1 2 3
Cue List Yes+Media No Yes Yes Yes
Nursery Alerts Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Teleprompt Yes No No Yes Yes
Audio Recorder BV-Audio Basic Basic Basic Basic
Foyer Anncouncements Yes No No No Yes
Foyer Clock Yes        
Video Support (NDI) Yes        
Double Wide Screen Yes        
Triple Wide Screen Yes        
Independant Screens Yes        
Price (USD) $199 (From $250 CDN) $99 $199 $299 $450

ChurchView Customer Special

The Introductory price for BetterView Image is $250 Canadian. Currently this works out to about $195 US Dollars. (This will expire in the Summer of 2018)

If you have a valid license key for ChurchView 5, we offer the following discounts based on your purchase date.

Purchase Date CV Level Discount Cost (USD)
May 2017 or newer Dual Plus or Quad 100% $0.00
May 2017 or newer LE or Dual 75% $49
Feb 2017 to Apr 2017 Dual Plus or Quad 75% $49
Feb 2017 to Apr 2017 LE or Dual 50% $98
Aug 2016 to Jan 2017 Dual Plus or Quad 50% $98
Aug 2016 to Jan 2017 LE or Dual 25% $146
July 2016 or Older Dual Plus or Quad 25% $146
July 2016 or Older LE or Dual 15% $165

NOTE: Prices are rounded to the dollar, and will vary based on CDN to US currency rates. ChurchView Customers will have to email their valid key to BetterView to get the special discounts mentioned above. Discount date is based on the first key purchased from ChurchView.

Simply Email your key and contact information (Church Name, Contact Name and Address) to: and you will be sent the special purchase discount when validated. Please include your contact name, and name of the church. Thanks.

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