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Image is the main media display program for Churches of all sizes. It's main purpose is to display songs, scripture, and announcements on a projector or monitor. However, we go far beyond that. Use 2 or 3 projectors for your main display, and can translate to a different language in a second text box location. Add a stage monitor (also called a tele-prompt or confidence monitor) to show lyrics, scripture, or even lines in a play for people on the stage. We include features that cost extra in other systems for a price that any church can afford!

We offer a 60 day free trial before you purchase to make sure we fit your needs. When you are ready to make a commitment, pay a low cost per month or per year or a make one time purchase for the current version.

NOTE: We provide full importing of Songs and Announcements from ChurchView 5.x

Discover all the exciting details below, and download your free trial!

If you are ready to purchase the price is $250 Canadian or $200 USD. The Buttons below will take you to the payment page. After you pay, you will be redirected to the download page.

Make sure you have tried the demo first to make sure it runs on your system!

Last Updated on April 22/18 to version 1.1.3 R0

Projectors & Monitors

Your main display can be a simple monitor, or a triple wide system. We have a double wide projector system at our church, but you can also configure two monitors (left & Right) that show the same or different text.

Next you add the Stage prompt monitor. Sometimes called a tele-prompt or confidence monitor. This is used to show lyrics to the singers, or words for the speaker. It is also very handy for lines to a play.

Lastly, add a Foyer monitor for announcements. This brings a total of 5 extra monitors for your system! (6 if you count the main display on your desk.)

This can be also be expanded to any number of monitors by using BetterView Extra!

The Main Screen

You can power 1, 2 or 3 projectors for a full environmental environment. Or you can keep it simple and just use a single monitor. With 2 monitors you can split the text, or send the same text to both. We make it easy to send two versions of the bible at the same time. Such as the English KJV, and the Spanish Reina-Valera.

Back any song with an exciting full screen motion video, or still image. Keep it simple with a solid background color, or mix in different backgrounds for the 2 text boxes. Show any video full screen, or have a different video/graphic in each text box. Lots of flexible options for you!

View and download sample backgrounds here!

NewTek NDI™

NDI™ is an exciting standard that let's you transmit Video over your network. What this means to you, is that if you have an NDI video source such as vMix or an NDI Camera, you can capture that source and display it on your Main Screen. NewTek has software that can turn your Android or iOS device into a quick and low cost camera source to deliver high quality video. There are lots of options out there to fit any budget, so go take a look!

NDI™ is a trademark of NewTek, Inc.


We start by giving you a library of over 1,200 songs! You can easily edit a song while you are projecting it. We have also made it easy to import songs from a web site for those times when your group starts singing a song you don't yet have in your library.

There is also an auto-translate feature to over 65 languages.

Built for speed and flexibility. Create a set list, or search all songs by entering a verse line. Your data is backed up every day you run the program.

NOTE: We can import all your songs from ChurchView 5


Start with 10 bibles. Add access to 200 more in almost 60 different languages and you have a fully multi-lingual system! The most common English bibles (NKJ, NIV, The Message, Amplified, etc.) will be available soon in our store.

You can look up a verse by using the list, typing the reference, or even do a quick text search! Compare versions on your main screen, or show different translations. The flexibility is yours to explore.


Your announcements can be as simple as text on a color background, or a full video! Use start and end dates to control when your notice is shown. Looping them on your main screen and also your Foyer monitor.

Data files can also be shared with another computer, and shown using BetterView Extra! Keep everyone up to date with your events the easy way!

NOTE: All announcements and Backgrounds can be imported from ChurchView 5.

CUE List

The Cue List is a great way to organize your scripture and notes for the service. With our auto-Translator, a second language can be shown as well. Dual Bibles are also available both on a multi-monitored system and a single projector. Any graphic or video file can also be cued up here.

The BetterView Notes program will be a great add-on. Keep checking back for availability.

Clock and Timer

Everybody wants to know the time! The answer is to show them an analog clock on the Main screen and/or the Stage Monitor. As a bonus, there is a timer you can start for the Stage monitor. The line you see changes colors after 30 minutes, and again after 45. Great tool to keep your speaker on time!

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The Next Step...

BetterView Image is now live! Download a free 60 day demo here, then come back to purchase!

Take a look at some other Software and Hardware that we support here!
If you would like to be a BETA tester, please visit our Facebook BETA group, and say Hello!

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Your live key will be sent by email after you purchase within 24 hours.

Special Purchase price of BetterView Image for $250 Canadian or $200 USD. This Introductory price will not last long, so act quickly.

If you are a former ChurchView customer view this page for your special deal!

To get the special rate, send us your valid license code. You will then receive a custom discount link.

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