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Extra is a companion program to BetterView Image. With this small program you can show announcements on any monitor connected to any Windows computer. If both computers are on the same network, you just have to share a folder. One Church uses OneDrive for this, and it works great!

Another feature is monitoring the textOUT file from BetterView Image and presenting your lyrics & text on a second monitor.

The Analog Clock has also been found to be very useful to remind people of the time.

Any NDI™ Video source can also be used. We show the service Live, by using the NDI output from our vMix computer.

NDI™ is a trademark of NewTek, Inc.

Importing AnnouncementsView a sample video of Extra in operation.

NOTE: For those of you who are having trouble with the Beta version, try re-installing the NewTek files here.

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Announcement loop on Extra monitor

Live Announcements

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Analog Clock

Live NDI Video on Extra Monitor

Live NDI™ Video

Coming Soon! Purchase BetterView-Extra for $10.
This will be avialable on the Microsoft Windows store shortly.

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