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What is BetterView?

BetterView is a Software company that specializes in software for churches of all sizes. Our goal is to give any size church the tools they need to keep organized and to enhance their worship. Each program comes with a PDF manual, and lots of Videos to get you going.

Modern technology has been used in churches for a while now, but most of it is out of reach for a small church. With a majority of churches under the 100 membership range. The Software created by BetterView will offer the features of a big church for a small church price.

We believe in using the latest software tools to give you the best results. All of our Software runs on Windows 7 and up, but Windows 10 only versions will be coming out soon. Anything that is marked as mobile works on iOS (iPhone & iPad), as well as Android devices. Most will also be available on the Windows phone (the few that have one), as we are planning for the future in this. Mac Versions will start appearing next year.

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Who is BetterView?

BetterView Software is a result of decades of programming experience, Church work, prayer, and also working for another Church Software company for a number of years. The Goal is to give smaller churches the features of a big church for a fraction of the price. The software is easy to learn and use, but powerful enough to make your life easier.

To accomplish this, we use the latest programming tools and technologies. Being a smaller company allows us to respond faster to user requests for features. You will find that your every opinion counts. We believe in providing personal support whenever possible.

The Founder, Richard Thorgeirson has been programming professionally since 1980. That now makes over 35 years of experience. Keeping up with the latest tools is both a challenge and an adventure. There has never been a better time to support mobile platforms. Richard is also deeply involved in his local church. He has spent time as a song leader, Sunday School teacher, board member, as well as treasure. Currently you can see him working his magic in the media booth at Wide World of Faith Church, where he is the Director of Media and IT.

Founder - Richard Thorgeirson

Purchase Options

Currently, purchases are made from this web site using a secure service. Once our software is published on the Microsoft Windows store, we will prvide links there.

Full License:
You can purchase a full licence for any product. This software licence is good for as long as you own the current version. A discount may be offered when we introduce the next version (IE: Version 1.x to 2.x) Once the Software is available on the Windows Store, purchases will be made there. If you make a purchase from this web site, we will issue you a free key for the Windows Store version when available.

Runs on Windows!
Currently, our software is written for Microsoft Windows. The Live versions will be available on the Windows store. Demos that you download from this web site will work on Windows 7 and up. Sorry, no MAC software at this time (end of 2018?), but you can always run Parallels on your Mac!

If you are looking for great media software for your church at a reasonable price look no further! I have been using Better View software for over two years and it has been a great tool in our church worship services. The intuitive and user friendly interface makes it easy to learn to use. It's definitely great for putting your bible verses on screen and displaying song lyrics in style. You won’t be disappointed using Better View if you are looking for an economical way to get professional results for you church media needs!

From Chris Groves, Associate Pastor of Worship, Wide World of Faith Church

I have in the past used ChurchView 4 & 5 as well as Song Show plus as projection software at 2 churches that I have pastored over the past 12 years. For the last year, I have been using BetterView [Beta] and I have been very impressed with the program. It gives me options, such as English and Spanish Bibles that can be shown on the same screen, the ability to project our songs in English and Spanish at the same time. Also, other added features such as the ability to use my cell phone as a camera to project on the screen through BetterView. BetterView offers so much that other programs don’t or change extra money for. Being involved in the Beta project I feel the developer Richard Thorgeirson has in his heart to make his software the best it can be to meet the needs of the people at a very reasonable price. His support on his Beta project has been amazing and I believe it will continue on as Better View grows.

Thanks for a great product!

Pastor Mark D. Uzupan
United Pentecostal Church of Raymondville

How to Contact us.

Cell/Text: 1-204-881-1945


Located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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Need Remote Support?

Cell/Text: 1-204-881-1945

Please arrange this before you connect, to make sure we have time for you, then follow these steps.

  1. Please open the link: BetterView Remote (Splashtop)
  2. Download and run the program from above link. It will show you a 9-digit session code.
  3. Send us the session code so we can connect to your computer.
  4. If your problem has been resolved, please pay for the time using the Donate button below.
    We suggest $45 per session.

Thank you.

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